Custom Metal that Wows.


With over 30 years of experience in the Gate, Fencing, Railing, and metal industry, our expertise will help your project exceed your expectations. Our shop is located in the San Fernando Valley, which is a central location for most Southern California addresses.



We take the hassle out of getting a price.


By answering just a few questions, we can tell you if your project will be close to your budget and if not, recommend some options that will put you within your budget. We are very honest and open contractors and have to be to be able to compete.



Houzz, pinterest, google, & instagram

Use any of the above mentioned platforms to find the perfect design you want on your property. We will use our expertise as well to provide cost effective alternatives and ensure the style you choose will match with your decor.


Approximate footage of design

In order to give a price, we will need an approximate dimension of what you are looking for. A picture, drawing, or bar napkin sketch can do the trick.



Paint color, material, the fun stuff

The finish of the piece is one of the most crucial elements. Here is where we have the most expertise in matching your style but also catering to the elements that may come up.


the hardest part

Have an idea of when you would like this done and we will help you in understanding how much time it will take us to install it.

One-Stop Shop.


Being miles away from metal suppliers like Industrial Metal Supply, Queen City Steel and many other steel suppliers, our turnaround time is unheard of. We have all the tools needed for fabricating and finishing so when we go to install, we aren't in your hair for very long.